Performance, Genius Loci-Nullus Locus Sine Genio, Fantiscritti’s quarry, Carrara, Italy, 2008

Travelling exhibition and performance presented at the Graduate Institute of Holland Art History in Florence, Italy (04.2008), at the Royal Academy of Arts KABK of The Hague, Holland (05.2008) and at the XIIIe International Biennale  of Sculpture of Carrara, Italy (07.2008).

Genius Loci 2008 takes the inspiration from the sounds, spaces, lights and people who inhabit the Apuan Alps. This is located in a very specific context : the marble quarries of Carrara. They arise and become a real engine where the environment and the historical identity of the place gravitate around it.

The sound generated by the work of the white marble is used as a guide into the itinerary of a thought. This thought follows the trail carved into the mountain itself that those generations of quarry workers, artists and anarchists have left behind.

The Genius Loci Research Group is part of the Interfaculty Art/Science of the Royal Academy and Royal Conservatory of The Hague. It also works with the Department of Sculpture of the Fine Arts of Carrara and it is supported by the Anarchist Group of Carrara, which opened to artists the bureau of archives.

cleaning the house, 29s, 2009


sequía project, 52sec, 2015


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ella sigue tranquilamente pastando..., 1min13sec, 2015


Ex-hibit Ante, 7m44s, 2015


#community!, 1m29s, 2015